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My Best Putter

Consistency in putting can only be achieved with the right length, lie and weight of your putter. First find the putter with the best look and feel for you. Then use ZENIOs fitting software to test the putter. Your best putter should make it easy for you to have a high consistency at impact, rhythm and open close angle.

You ask: What putter matches my stroke best? Should I play a blade, mallet or high MOI putter? Should I go for a face balanced, half hang or full hang putter? ZENIO will help you to get answers to these questions immediately.

full-hang putter
half-hang putter
face-balanced putter

Richard Kempton's putter test

See below for Richard Kempton's putter test, a number of our players/club fitters and instructors have very successfully used so as to find the right putter for their players.


Thought you might be interested in the results of the 3-putter test I did a few days ago (face-balanced, mid-hang and full hang).

I did two tests each with the Full Toe Hang and Mid Toe Hang putters, but only one with the Face Balanced Putter, because the scores with that club were so dramatically better right across the board that I didn’t feel it necessary to repeat it. It confirms what I’ve always suspected with my own putters, namely that I putt best with a Face Balanced putter and worst with a blade-type Full Toe Hang style type, but I hadn’t expected the results to be quite so varied as they turned out!!

Until now I had assumed that the differences would only show up in the face rotation figures, but the putter type affected pretty much everything – face rotation, loft, swing timings, tempo and impact scores. If I'm typical, the results suggest that a putter-type test is an essential part of the fitting process.

FYI the three putters were as follows:

  • Face Balanced: Weight 534g, MOI 2,898 kgcm²
  • Mid Toe Hang: Weight 535g, MOI 2,900 kgcm²
  • Full Toe Hang: Weight 536g, MOI 2,894 kgcm²

All three putters are 34.5 inches long and fitted with the same make & model of grip – apart from the head type and head shape, they are about as close to being identical as it's possible to get (even the offsets are very similar). I also ensured that I set up with the same stance width, the same distance from the ball and with the ball in the same position relative to my left heel for each putt.

Richard Kempton

And now for Richard Kempton's ZENIO Putter Test reports:

Which is your most solid stance and impact?

Close standing feet
Normal standing feet
Wide standing feet

Which upper body tilt creates your best rhythm and rotation?

Upright golfer
Standard golfer
Crouched golfer

Which hand position leads to consistent putter face rotation and neutral loft at impact.

Left hand position
left hand
Right hand position
right hand
Claw grip
claw grip

nflight Putter Fitting with ZENIO

Please see the “nflight Putter Fitting with ZENIO” from PING. This is one option as how to fit a putter with ZENIO. Our experience shows us that it is helpful to test all different putters with different rotation strategies, i.e. the fitting process might lead to the best results using the full toe hang putter on a slight arc rotation strategy.

nflight Putter Fitting with ZENIO page 1
nflight Putter Fitting with ZENIO page 2

What the Experts say

Iain Clarke, Inventor and Club maker

“In the past fitting and building has been a trial and error process; using ZENIO it is easier to apply what I believe is a more logical and scientific approach, particularly to data collection and application. Having used all the available systems on the market to help players achieve their aims in golf, I am confident that we can bring putter fitting and building to a whole new level and make it accessible to all consumers.”

Richard Kempton, GCA European Clubmaker of the Year 2001-2002, Club Fitting Specialists & ZENIO Putting Performance Centre

“ZENIO has transformed not only the effectiveness of my putter fitting, but also the time it takes to arrive at an optimum solution for my customers' putting problems.”