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Find My Best – Test My Best

The mobility and simplicity of the ZENIO system allows you to train in a new way. You certainly have your preferred putt: the straight 10 feet putt: now doubts about the line, now pressure of must make putt, your mental state is relaxed and balanced. Your whole body feels relaxed and calm. In this state of mind you will produce the best and most consistent results.

Find My Best

In this mental freedom play three sessions of 7 straight putts each and record your best impact consistency, best rhythm and best open close angle. Now you have your personal benchmark – My Best. This benchmark can be compared easily with those of the best tour players. ZENIO has the tour benchmarks integrated in the software.

Test My Best

Now test your putting and play different slopes and breaks and the challenging distances: 5 feet downhill putt. Compare your results and see if consistency is the same or different. Then work on your putting by using ZENIOs tips and drills, i.e.

Inconsistency at impact

Stabilize your body comfort zone: firm up your stands and reduce lower body shifts.

Inconsistency of rhythm

Stabilize your mental comfort zone: Check your pre shot routine, check your confidence regarding putting line, test feel by putting with eyes closed.

Inconsistency of open/close angle

Check putter length, lie and loft, test face balanced, half hang and full hang, check different putter weights.


What the Experts say

Marc Amort, Head Professional, Marc Amort Golf Academy, Golf Club Owingen-Überlingen

“With the ZENIO Putt Training System I have considerably increased the value of my putting instruction. ZENIO’s exact data, quick feedback and mobility help to improve the putting performance of my clients significantly – both at our golf club as well as on golf coaching trips.”