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ZENIO Sports

ZENIO Coach/Fitting Edition

The ZENIO Coach/Fitting Edition is for professional coaches and fitters, but also for players of all handicap levels interested to easily improve their putting. The app is simple and a HELP button explains the data on each individual screen. The measurements include: impact, rhythm, open/close angle and deloft/addloft. It also includes our favorite „Find my Best, Test my Best“ programme for best putting consistency.

In addition your ZENIO comes with a laptop software to up and download your ZENIO data. The software enables you to track individual performances and to compare multiple players  over time easily on a bigger screen.  You can also work with the ZENIO directly from your laptop.


  • Training and Fitting Software
  • ZENIO Sensor
  • ZENIO Unit (Battery Life 4 Hours)
  • Charger Cable
  • Genuine Leather Case
  • Android and Windows software