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ZENIO Sports

ZENIO-P1 technical specs

Electronic unit

ZENIO-P1 in housing with bracket and silicone lining for non-slip attachment to putter shafts (between 8.9mm and 9.8mm), approx. 20cm above the clubhead with standard bracket. Exchangeable bracket for shafts up to 10.8mm.

Weight Approx. 29 grams
Operating temperature 10° to 40° C
Moisture < 85%, non-condensing
Voltage supply Lithium polymer battery
Operating time > 4 hours after a full charge
Charging voltage 5V DC, max. 100mA charging current
Charging temperature Between 0° C and 40° C is possible
Charging duration 1.6 hours for >95%, 1h for 80%
Standby duration 6 days, if fully charged
Interfaces Charging socket Mini-USB for sensor and charging cable
Yellow LED for status display
Bluetooth v2.0 (without EDR), Class 2, max 2.5mW
Range outdoors approx. 20m

Position sensor

For removable application to club head.

Size 19mm x 55mm
Active sensor area Approx. 15mm x 50mm
Connection to electronics Via integrated Mini-USB socket
Weight Approx. 6 grams

Charging cable

USB-A and Mini-USB socket, 50cm

Note: This cable is not designed for data transfer based on the USB standard. You can however use any certified USB cable with USB-A and Mini-USB socket instead of the ZENIO charging cable.

Adhesive strips

Double adhesive strip with clip on one side to hold in place while positioning/removing the position sensor on the clubhead surface.

Size 19mm x 62mm, clip on one side 7mm
Material basis 3M 9195


Deer Skin design case for all parts of the ZENIO system.

Size Approx. 15cm x 10cm x 2.5cm (LxWxH)
Material basis Deer Skin design synthetic leather

Declaration of conformity

ZENIO is a highly accurate measuring system which uses the best technology. The accuracy of the system has been tested by one of the TopoMetric GmbH, the largest service company for optical measurement in Europe.

Declaration of conformity

Operating manual

You can download a copy of ZENIO's operating manual here. (PDF, 2,5 MB)