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ZENIO Sports
In you want to putt like a Pro, train lika a Pro.

How does it work?

ZENIO is a revolutionary new training and fitting system that gives golfers immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real outdoor  conditions. Measuring the size of a matchbox and weighing just 29 grams, the ZENIO attaches to any putter in just 15 seconds. It uses the latest sensor technology to measure the key parameters of the putting stroke – impact, rhythm and face angle – and then immediately transmits the information to a smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth, where it is displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format.


With data from each session being recorded, users can chart their progress over time on all manner of putts (straight, breaking, uphill, downhill) from a variety of different distances, helping to build up a clear picture of putting strengths and weaknesses and how to improve your putting consistency. ZENIO's innovative software uses the player's "Best" performance as a benchmark for future sessions and also includes a Tour player  consistency benchmark for comparison.  Golfers can also use the ZENIO to find their optimum stance, grip and posture, and by using the fitting option can even reveal which putter type suits their stroke best.

A smart solution for smart golfers

A smart solution for smart golfers

New: ZENIO Coach/Fitting Edition

Fitting and Coaching Software now integrated.

  • measures the key aspects of the putting stroke
  • sends data to Smartphone / Internet Tablet and Laptop
  • Software for Android and Windows devices
  • user friendly software
  • fits any putter
  • plug & play
  • full money-back warranty

Helps improve your putting consistency.

Anytime, anywhere

The real beauty of the ZENIO is that you can use it to train in real conditions rather than in the protected environment of a putting lab. ZENIO's mobility allows you to test your putting on the practice green as well as on the golf course in real time, anywhere you want, anytime. All you need is the ZENIO and a Smartphone and you have your putting coach in your pocket.

What the experts say

Marc Amort, Head Professional, Marc Amort Golf Academy, Golf Club Owingen-Überlingen

“With the ZENIO Putt Training System I have considerably increased the value of my putting instruction. ZENIO’s exact data, quick feedback and mobility help to improve the putting performance of my clients significantly – both at our golf club as well as on golf coaching trips.”

Graham Walker, European Tour coach and a leading coach of the English Golf Union

“Recording face angle changes and rhythmic actions within the putting stroke allows pupils to uncover the formula for perfection in the putting stroke. The user-friendly technology makes it so easy to improve the putting stroke and ZENIO is now an integral part of my coaching. It really does make a difference.”

Richard Kempton, GCA European Clubmaker of the Year 2001-2002, Club Fitting Specialists & ZENIO Putting Performance Centre

“ZENIO has transformed not only the effectiveness of my putter fitting, but also the time it takes to arrive at an optimum solution for my customers' putting problems.”