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The ZENIO system helps tremendously to improve your putting. Learn how it works and in which ways you get all the support you ever wanted.

What is ZENIO?

ZENIO is a sensor system which attaches to your putter in 15 seconds, communicates stroke data via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or laptop and helps you to understand the strength and weaknesses of your putting stroke and how to improve.

What information will it give me?

ZENIO measures key parameters of your putting stroke (i.e. impact, rhythm, open/close face angle). An impact sensor, which is attached to the putter face, measures the consistency of impact. Another sensor measures the backswing, impact and forward swing timing in ms and the difference between the open/close angle at address and impact is given. You can benchmark your performance against the best Tour Professionals and against your best putting.

Why do I need to know this?

Hitting the club face always at the same spot – impact consistency – helps you to improve your feel and distance control. A good and solid posture and a properly fitted putter are keys to best impact consistency.

Good rhythm comes from mental balance. To achieve mental balance on a straight 10 feet putt is easy. But how is your mental balance on a more difficult downhill or left to right breaking putt. ZENIO's mobility helps you to check all different putts and find the right mental tip which works for you! With a consistent rhythm in your putting stroke you will hole more putts!

Consistent rotation of the putter face is the key for good direction. If your putter face at impact has always the same angle you will be able to hit the hole easily.

How will it help me to improve?

The immediate feedback on your smartphone will tell you which tips work for you. Talk to your coach or buddy to get tips for improvement. ZENIO transforms you into a putting expert and will help you to make you a better putter quickly. Your improvement can not be made easier.

Where can I buy my ZENIO?

You can order your personal ZENIO now from our online store.


A brief presentation of the ZENIO system from the PGA Show.