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ZENIO Sports

Find My Best – Test My Best

In principle putting is very easy and requires less technical skills than the full swing or the short game chip and pitch. ZENIOs efficiency is based on the easiness of measuring mental balance (rhythm) and stroke accuracy (impact and open close angles) at the same time and in real time. ZENIO help you to understand the areas for improvement and provides you with tips and drills immediately. The ease of use of the system allows you to train and check your performance on all real life putts rather than in the laboratory conditions of a putting lab.

Finding a putter matching your set up and stroke

It sounds obvious but great putting stems from feeling comfortable over the ball. Using the ZENIO, golfers can easily find the grip, the stance and the posture that not only feels best, but also produces the best results. Knowing you’ve found your perfect putting position gives you the peace of mind to focus on making a consistent stroke.

Finding your mental comfort zone

Great putting is all about confidence and consistency. With the ZENIO you can easily identify the putts that challenge you and immediately access specific drills to overcome inconsistent putting. When your mental balance is right, your rhythm improves and great putting becomes much easier to achieve.

ZENIO concept

ZENIO is not only revolutionary in its use of the best and most accurate technology – it is also innovative in the development of the most advanced putt training system Ask any Tour player, coach or club-fitter to name the one key to successful putting and chances are they will all say the same thing. It's not about having the perfect stroke, the perfect eye or the perfect grip. It's about consistency. About doing exactly the same thing every time you hit a putt.

Being perfect is nowhere near as important as being consistent.

So imagine if there was a device that could tell you just how consistent your putting is? One that could tell you if you hit the same spot on the face each time, or whether you tend shut the face half a degree at impact. One that can accurately measure the speed of your backswing or the loft of the face at impact. And imagine if it could do all that in real time in real outdoor conditions rather than in the windless, sterile confines of a putting studio.

Achieve impact pattern consistency
Improve your rhythm consistency
Achieve open/close angle consistency